google street map ( web )

Building a Google Street View URL

Basic Google Map URL

q= Query – anything passed in this parameter is treated as if it had been typed into the query box on the page.

Basic url to display GPS cords location,-89.28720

layer= Activates overlays. Current options are “t” traffic, “c” street view. Append (e.g. layer=tc) for simultaneous.

cbll= Latitude,longitude for Street View,-89.287204&cbp=

cbp= Street View window that accepts 5 parameters:

  1. Street View/map arrangement, 11=upper half Street View and lower half map, 12=mostly Street View with corner map
  2. Rotation angle/bearing (in degrees)
  3. Tilt angle, -90 (straight up) to 90 (straight down)
  4. Zoom level, 0-2
  5. Pitch (in degrees) -90 (straight up) to 90 (straight down), default 5

The one below is: (11) upper half Street View and lower half map, (0) Facing North, (0) Straight Ahead, (0) Normal Zoom, (0) Pitch of 0

This one works as is, just change the cords and if you want to face a different direction (the 0 after 11),-89.287204&cbp=11,0,0,0,0

For more Google Street View code interpertation

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