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10+ years of professional experience in Software Engineering;
A superfan of 'XP' & Self-driven player;

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  • This is the best formula in my career while the four '1' stand for Technology, Skills, Management and Business Goals. It stands for my understanding of the industry and helps to balance software developing and business achievement.
  • I have multiple working experiences, but I always like to identify myself as a pure software developer. Technology is not the bottleneck for me, and I am deeply interested in finding the best solution for the most benefits under business requirements or goals.

Software DeveloperIMAX Corporation

2022/03 to 2023/06, Mississauga, ON, CA
  • We are creating the next generation of high-performance Dual Lens Commercial Laser Projectors, and I am responsible for smart camera calibration on the management system. I work with some gRPC protocols on our real-time projector system and design system level components for multi-products. I am leading our products to 12-factor Apps and try to restructure our current software archticture to be more modernization. Developing new components for our software in an agile team and maintaining multi-products is the main task for this role. I successfully delivery some key features to support Avatar2 moive in 2022, which is a High Frame Rate movie and need more calculating support in dual lens laster projectors.
  • Furthermore, I organized many documentation from the history to support our developers well. New developers say my idea of the software structure and the docs help them a lot on daily developing. Being self-driven is necessary for this position, and I am doing well.

Senior Software DeveloperEzi Technologies Inc.

2019/04 to 2022/03, Mississauga, ON, CA
  • We developed a cloud-based high-performance LPC searching service. I was playing as a full-stack in this role and was responsible for system architecture and algorithm development. I had a chance to lead a team creating a mobile APP, which could calculate highly customized dynamic reports at a community level(big data). We have some micro-services for small businesses and thousands of websites running in our tenant system(SaaS). I successfully helped the company migrate the service system to a modern platform(DDD) successfully. The new system service was published online in 2020, and over 97% of our customers gave us positive feedback.

Senior Software DeveloperCloud Valley Tech Inc.

2015/07 to 2016/06, Guiyang, Guizhou, CN
  • We provide solutions for smart homes and hotels. I was responsible for the technological part, and we had 50 employees in the second year. We built an online quiz system with face recognition for colleges. We set up fire alarm systems for some departments which need the monitoring feature. We build high performance drone for Geological Survey. We take care of our customers much better than our lives.
  • At that time, we were at a great time to start a small business, and we had achieved our goal successfully.

Software EngineerChina Telecom co., LTD.

2011/12 to 2015/06, Guiyang, Guizhou, CN
  • I joined a team on the daily maintenance of the CRM system, and we worked with Oracle to handle millions of data every day. In my 2nd year there, I lead a team in developing OA supporting systems and mobile apps from scratch. Our system contributed to the marketing department and finance department. Do appreciate could have the chance to take lessons about leadership courses. Not only increase my knowledge about the structure of an enterprise but also help me to understand my career plan.

Master in Computer Science University of Windsor

2017 to 2018, Windsor, ON, CA

Major: Applied Computing
Minor: Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor in Software EngineeringDalian Nationalities University

2007 to 2011, Dalian, Liaoning, CN

Major: Embedded Development
Minor: Inofrmation System



This is a real estate solution for business branding which includes lots of modern technologies and I developed the architecture based on DDD.
  • Presentation video at
  • Download the app at
  • Try APIs(RESTful) at
  • I developed most of the application, include IOS native app, Android native app, React Front-end and Back-end API service.
  • The great success of this APP is the service algorithm. We support high-performance dynamic geography searching, and distributed systems are applied.
  • If you are in Canada, we encourage you to download our APP and try to find your dream house on it.
  • We have involded many modern technologies into YIJU.

Online Quiz System

Identify faces when taking quiz online, and detect of biological activities.
  • Presentation video at
  • This project had been applied online for some colleges for daily homework and quiz.
  • Now OpenCV has supported face recognization and it is easy to set it up; however, the product we made is in 2013. We trained the DNN modules by ourselves. This is a part of AI training and developing in my background.

Professional skills

C#, Java, C/C++, Python, Swift, T-SQL/NoSQL
ASP.NET, .NET Core, Sprintboot, React
OpenCV, OpenAI, Keras, PyTorch




System Architect Engineer (Senior) (2015)

Qualification Certificate of Computer and Software Technology Proficiency

Software Design Engineer (Intermediate) (2013)

Qualification Certificate of Computer and Software Technology Proficiency

Telecommunication Engineer (Junior) (2012)

Qualification of Telecommunication Professional